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Electronic Lock Locker

Electronic Lock Locker

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 Intelligent Cabinet Lock: This electronic lock features an automatic rebound function and a sturdy self-locking casing, providing excellent security protection for your belongings while safeguarding your personal data.
Multiple Unlocking Modes: With two unlocking modes available, card unlocking (perfect for home use) and user card + management card unlocking (ideal for hotels, massage parlors, and other commercial settings), this RFID lock offers versatility to suit different needs. It supports zone sensing (maximum door thickness of 45mm), has an anti-prying self-bouncing lock body, and a high-temperature-resistant mechanical lock core.
Wide Range of Applications: This hidden DIY RFID lock can be used in residential or commercial cabinets, drawers, storage lockers, storage boxes, supermarkets, sauna clubs, gyms, swimming pools, libraries, factories, and offices. It also enhances child safety at home, preventing children from opening drawers or cabinet doors without permission.
Low Voltage Reminder Function: If the RFID electronic cabinet lock  emits a continuous beep after swiping the card, it indicates low battery voltage. The lock can still be used for approximately 20 more times before requiring a battery replacement.
Convenient RFID Card Access: Simply swipe the card outside the cabinet to open the electronic cabinet lock and access your items. The lock opens the door swiftly (note: the ID keychain is only suitable for doors with a maximum thic

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